Events Management Guidelines and Procedures


The University of South Alabama (USA) recognizes the value and potential for faculty, staff, students, and external groups to use University resources to enhance learning, research, and public service. The University of South Alabama seeks to create a campus culture that generates intellectual excitement and lifelong learning.  This includes supporting campus activities that further individual development.  Such events are either sanctioned by the University of South Alabama or sponsored by external groups requesting use of University facilities and services. Any Event will be classified as either University-Sanctioned or Externally-Sponsored.  Space for approved events will be scheduled using Events Management Software System (EMS.)  

University-Sanctioned Camps, Conferences and Special Events are considered official programs of the University of South Alabama and are designed to enhance its mission and public service.   Examples of these types of activities include, but are not limited to, non-credit classes, conferences, public lectures, school field trips or any program designed for individuals under the age of 19.   Non-credit ESL classes are exempt and are to be scheduled in BANNER.   The sponsoring unit must be actively involved in planning and administering of the event.  

Externally-Sponsored Events are conducted by a third party using certain approved University facilities and services.  While these Events must be consistent with the mission of the University, sponsors may neither state nor imply University sponsorship. University employees not otherwise employed by the University to do so may not assist with the administration or implementation of these Events as a part of their regular University duties.

Exceptions to this policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Externally sponsored programs at the Mitchell Center
  • University-sanctioned programs offered through Student Services designed for regularly enrolled students and/or  orientation of incoming students
  • University-sanctioned programs offered through the University Student Recreation Center designed for regularly enrolled students and/or paid members of the University Student Recreation Center
  • University-sanctioned programs for adults offered through the Development Office or Alumni Affairs
  • Regular recitals or performances offered through the Department of Music or the Drama Department;
  • University-sanctioned programs offered through USA Health
  • Short term Residence Hall Applications for adults
  • Regularly scheduled games and tournaments sponsored by the Department of Athletics
  • Professional development programs for University employees offered through a University division or unit

Camps, conferences and special events may not be scheduled in classrooms until academic classes are scheduled and space is released by the Registrar’s Office. Furthermore, all requests submitted and approved in our academic classrooms may be rescheduled or cancelled if a new academic function requires a space.

Events Management Definitions: 

The University defines events in these broad categories:

  • Camps are defined as any program or activity for individuals who are not regularly enrolled in the University and are under the age of 19. Programs bringing students not regularly enrolled and regardless of age, to campus for extended study will also be considered camps for administrative purposes. For a full listing all of all policies governing on-campus camps, please contact Director of Continuing Education & Conference Services.
  • Conferences are generally defined as large gatherings of individuals or members of one or several organizations. Any University-sanctioned conference which is designed to invite members of the community, regardless of age, to the USA campus or to a non-university facility shall fall under the purview of this policy statement.
  • Special Events are public activities with a scheduled time, location and duration using University facilities and/or roadways. Special events may include but are not limited to: 5K run/walk, single day workshops, dinners and retreats.

Event Classifications:

The University classifies events in three main categories.  When necessary, USA reserves the right to request additional information about a specific event before it can be formally confirmed.

  • Level One events are defined as events whose target audience consists primarily of USA staff, faculty and students who are over the age of 19 and are unlikely to result in a security/safety, liability or logistical issue for the university. When events primary targeted audience consists of non USA participants or presents a possible security/safety, liability or logistical issue for the university, then it will be classified as either a level two or three event.
  • Level Two events are defined as events that may require insurance, waivers, parking services and/or USA Campus Police. Additionally, these events have a speaker or topic that may garner broad interest from USA and Mobile community at large.
  • Level Three events are defined as events that have participants under the age of 19. Additional requirements may include but are not limited to: 1:10 Chaperone: Student ratio; criminal background investigation of event staff and counselors; and secondary accident insurance. 

Event Guidelines:

The University of South Alabama has a range of policies, procedures and guidelines that support our event operations which varies depending on the event location and type. There are a few policies, procedures, and guidelines that apply to each event on campus regardless of the location. For a full listing of policies, please read the policies, procedures and venue requirements section on this website.  

  • USA is a proud tobacco free campus. Smoking and use of other tobacco products and e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited at the University, including indoor and outdoor locations. This policy covers all forms of tobacco, including smokeless (chew or dip) tobacco.
  • Alcohol at events on campus is generally prohibited. Some campus venues such as the Mitchell Center are licensed to serve alcohol.  Please review the USA Alcohol Policy section of this website.
  • Firearms are prohibited on campus except as allowed by university policy.
  • All law enforcement and parking services on campus must be coordinated through the USA Police Department.
  • If the target audience of your event is under the age of 19, you may be required to provide additional documentation including but not limited to, certificate of insurance, background checks, waivers and etc. Failure to do so in a timely fashion may result in your event getting cancelled or postponed.
  • If you schedule an event on Main Campus, your event must use the services of Aramark catering unless a food waiver is granted. Food waivers are rarely granted.
  • At USA, the primary purpose of our academic buildings, classrooms and labs is for teaching and learning. As such, all requests submitted and approved in our academic facilities may be rescheduled or cancelled if a new academic function requires a space.

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines:

Venue Assistance:

In addition to these overarching guidelines, individual buildings may have additional requirements. To learn more about USA facilities, please reference our venue specific requirement listing. If you have a specific question about a facility that this link does not address, please use the USA building administrators listing. If you are unable to reach a contact in a timely fashion, contact the Office of Special Events at for further assistance.