Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Are there any requirements for student organization constitutions?
Yes. USA requires that all registered organizations maintain two clauses as part of their local organization's constitutions or chapter bylaws. The two required clauses are the non-discrimination and the audit clause. These clauses can all be found in the sample constitution and must be included in every registered organization's constitution exactly as written in the template provided. Organizations may establish guidelines that go above and beyond what is stated in each of these clauses but organizations may not contradict them in any way in their constitution.  
Is there anything happening over the summer?
During Summer Orientation, student organizations may participate in the Student Involvement Fairs. This is your group's first chance to communicate your message to incoming freshmen, so don't miss it! If you did miss this great opportunity, keep in mind that the fall “Get On Board Day” is another great opportunity to reach out not only to freshman but to upperclassmen as well!
When is "Get On Board Day"?
“Get on Board Day” occurs within the first weeks of the fall semester. Emails will be sent out in the summer regarding the date and how to reserve a table for your student organization.
Why does my student organization have to re-register every year?
Re-registration is important because it enables the Office of Student Activities and the University to maintain up-to-date contact information for your organization. We receive calls from many people such as USA students looking to get involved looking into what involvement opportunities are available at USA before choosing to come here.

Another reason we require groups to re-register is so that we can update organizations on policies that may have changed or fill new officers in on policies affecting student organizations which they may not have been aware of..
What happens if my organization misses the re-registration deadline in the fall?
If an organization does not complete any of the above steps by the re-registration deadline, the organization will be deemed as a non-registered organization. As such all privileges reserved for student organizations will be revoked including reserving space on campus and having access to appropriation funds.
What are the benefits to being a registered student organization?

There are many! A registered student organization may:

  1. Use the name of the University or any abbreviation of it as part of their name.
  2. Sponsor or present an event on University property.
  3. Raise funds on University property.
  4. Reserve University facilities and services.
  5. Be eligible for funding from SGA.
  6. Receive advising and assistance with program planning, leadership training, and development from the Office of Student Activities.
  7. Participate in Student Activities programs and events such as Get On Board Day, Student Organization Leadership Awards and the Student Involvement Fair at freshman orientation sessions.
  8. Be listed on the online directory of Student Organizations.
How can I find out  my organization's Jag number?
To find out what your organization’s Jag number is or for any questions regarding your on-campus account, please have your ADVISOR call the Business Office at (251) 460-7840.