Version 3.5 - Ou Campus News Module

Version 3.5 allows you to display the latest University news articles related to your department posted by the Department of Marketing and Communications. Your homepage latest news asset is automatically updated every time a new article is added.
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Asset is located under the right editable region.

Displays pre-selected number of news articles.  Users can click on “more news articles” to view the additional articles.

It is recommended to display a minimum number of 2 and maximum number of 4 articles on your homepage. 
Latest News
Theatre USA to Present
Theatre USA to Present 'She Kills Monsters'
Friday - February 16, 2018
The contemporary comedy will run from Feb. 16 to Feb. 24....

Expert to Discuss War Effects on Children
Expert to Discuss War Effects on Children
Wednesday - February 14, 2018
Dr. Martin Parsons will speak Feb. 20 as a guest of the...

Learning From a Music Legend
Learning From a Music Legend
Monday - February 12, 2018
South students and other young musicians are critiqued by...

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