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You may add one of the six available Social Media snippets to your website under the left navigation area. Each icon will be linked to the appropriate Social Media profile.
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Setup Instructions:

Using your WYSIWYG editor add the Social Media links you like to your website. Click on snippet icon + select (Department) category + select (Stay Connected 1 - Social Media Link) + click insert. Please keep in mind that you must know HyperText Markup Language "HTML" well in-order to maintain this template.

You may pick one of the following snippets:

Stay Connected 1 - Social Media Link - 1 icon/link centered
Stay Connected 2 - Social Media Links - 2 icons/links centered
Stay Connected 3 - Social Media Links - 3 icons/links centered
Stay Connected 4 - Social Media Links - 4 icons/links centered
Stay Connected 5 - Social Media Links - 5 icons/links centered
Stay Connected 6 - Social Media Links - 6 icons/links centered
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