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Curriculum for the Geography Major

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Geography Core Requirements
Class Number Course Description Sem. Hours
GEO 101/101L Atmospheric Processes and Patterns 4
GEO 102/102L Landscape Processes and Patterns 4
GEO 114 Introduction to Human Geography 3
GEO 115 World Regional Geography 3
GEO 331* Computer Graphs and Maps 3
GEO 332* Remote Sensing I 4
GEO 435 Research Methods in Geography 3
GY 480 Field Work in Geography (W) 4
Min. 18 Hours from at least three following categories 18
Total Hours: 46
Geography Electives - Minimum of 18 Hours from at least three of the following categories
Human Geography
GEO 312 World Economic (W) 3
GEO 321 National Parks Conservation (W) 3
GEO 365 Urban Geography 3
GEO 370 Geography of Tourism 3
GEO 375 United States Historical Geography 3
Physical Geography
GEO 310 Environmental Earth Sciences 3
GEO 353/353L General Meteorology 4
GEO 341 Climatology 3
GEO 342 Severe Weather 3
GEO 410 Biogeography 3
GEO 411 Soils 3
GEO 412 Regional Physiography (W) 3
GEO 440** Coastal Zone Management 2
GEO 441** Coastal Climatology 2
** Available at Dauphin Island Sea Lab Only
Regional Geography
GEO 313 Geography of Anglo-America 3
GEO 314 Geography of Europe 3
GEO 315 Geography of Latin America 3
GEO 320 Geography of Alabama (W) 3
Technical Geography
GEO 420 Geostatistics 3
GEO 442* Remote Sensing II 3
GEO 460* Introduction to GIS 4
GEO 461* GIS Applications: Environmental 4
GEO 462* GIS Applications: Social Science 4
Variable Topics in Geography
GEO 490 Special Topics 1-3
GEO 492 Seminar 1-3
GEO 494 Directed Research 1-4
GEO 496 Internship 1-3

- Students cannot take both GEO 341 & GEO 441
(W) - Denotes a writing-intensive course.
* - Denotes a course required for the GIS Certificate
- Advising Information

Additional Information for Geography Majors:

A student with a major in geography must take a group of required core geography courses and elective geography courses for a total of 48 semseter hours. Students must take six (6) upper division geography electives from at least three (3) of the following categories: Human, Physical, Regional, and Technical. Geography 101 and 102 are prerequisites to all physical geography courses and Geography 114 and 115 are prerequisites to all human geography courses listed below. Courses marked with an asterisk are required for the GIS Certificate. Only two technical geography courses may be counted toward the Geography major.

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Cirriculum for the Geography Minors:

A student must take at least 20 semester hours of Geography, including the following list: To complete the minor, a student must take at least three electives at the 300 or 400 level.

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