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2011-2012 Award Winners

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2010-2011 Award Winners

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2009-2010 Award Winners

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2008-2009 Award Winners

2007-2008 Award Winners

2006-2007 Award Winners

From left to right: Simone Normand (Mobile Rock and Gem Society Award), Petra Webb (George Lamb, Eco-Systems Awards), Kristen O'Donnell (Hammer Award), Katarina Rook (Hagler Award), Hunter Phillips (Hammer Award), Tyler Johnson (Sedimentology, Wiggs, Denmark/Isphording Awards), Sarah Sandy (Desk and Derrick Award), Rachel Carson (Desk and Derrick Award), Eddie Leon (Hammer Award), Alex Beebe (Faggard Award). Not pictured: Mark Chest (Hammer Award), Jeff Keevan (Geology Service Award).

2005-2006 Award Winners

From left to right: Meghan Brenner (Faggard), Jason Girard (Wiggs), Derek Bromstad (Denmark), Steven Thomas (Hammer), Heather Kacker (Hammer), Tracey Smith (Hammer), Tyler Johnson (Hammer), Sara Mason (Hammer), Michael Hurd (Hammer), Simone Normand (Faggard and Mobile Rock and Gem Society Awards), Petra Webb (Desk and Derrick and Sedimentology Awards). Not shown: Jesi Wiggins (Desk and Derrick Award).

2004-2005 Award Winners

From left to right: Jenny Albrecht (Hammer), Lane Dorman (Hagler Award), Steve Morris (kneeling; Hammer), Meghan Brenner (Desk and Derrick and Faggard awards), Liz Barclay (Mobile Rock and Gem Society Award), Katie Kowalski (Denmark Award), David Sandy (Sedimentology Award), Melissa Girard (Wiggs and George Lamb Awards), Donald Alex Beebee (kneeling; hammer), Petra Webb (hammer). Not pictured: Cary Duncan (Hammer), Jasmine Broughton (hammer) and Jonathan Davis (Hammer).

2003-2004 Award Winners

From left to right: Leslie Hiles (Hagler), Christine Olsen (Hammer), Stephanie Capello (Mobile Rock and Gem Society), Elizabeth Barclay (Faggard), Melissa Girard (Sedoimentology and Desk and Derrick), Brian Wright (Hammer), Ben Brown (Hammer), Lane Dorman (Denmark), Meghan Brenner (Hammer), Tiffany Neese (Hammer). Not Shown: Marcus Miller (George Lamb), Christie Mullenax (Hammer), Melissa Harmen (Wiggs).

2002-2003 Award Winners

From left to right: Emily Browning (Desk & Derrick Award), Stephanie Capello (Desk & Derrick Award), Michelle Beech (Hammer Award), Al Denmark (Hammer Award), Panda Wilson (Hammer Award), Elaine Robinson (Mobile Rock and Gem Society & George Lamb Awards), Anna Morisani (Sedimentology & George Lamb Awards). Not Shown: Tiffany Roullier, David Sandy (Hammer Awards) and Elizabeth Barclay (Denmark Award). .

2001-2002 Award Winners

No Photo Available.

2000-2001 Award Winners

From left to right; Andrius Masedunkas (hammer), Karen Flesher (hammer), Tara Potts (hammer), Stephanie Capello (sedimentology), Jeff Keevan (hammer), Kay Huite (hammer), Jeff Davis (hammer) .

1999-2000 Award Winners

From left to right; Chris McGowan, Michael Hill, Russell Rigby, Chris Tanner, Mari Chadwell, Lauree Stober, Glenn Strickland and Adrienne Berg.

1998-1999 Award Winners

The whole cast and crew of the Department of Earth Sciences (included faculty and award winners from Geology, Geography and Meteorology). Geology student winners: Michael Taylor (row 1, first on left), Matt Gattwood (row 2, second from left), Jonathan Clark (row 1, extreme right), Ashley Jordon (row 2, extreme right) and Rick Schaeffer (row 3, second from left).

1997-1998 Award Winners

From left to right; Jonathan Clark (Denmark Award), Laura Quinn (Desk and Derrick, George Lamb Awards), Steve Lenz (George Lamb Award) and Michael Sturdy (Faggard Award). Not shown; Christie Hardin (George Lamb Award)

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