Laboratory Safety Checklist

Hazardous Substances:
Chemical Storage:

  • Updated chemical inventory
  • Chemicals dated upon receipt and opening
  • Chemical containers labeled, capped and in good condition
  • No corrosive liquid stored above "eye level"
  • Chemicals segregated by hazard class (organics from oxidizers, flammables from acids)

Solvent Storage:

  • Excess solvent stored in solvent storage cabinets
  • Approved safety cans equipped with self-closing lids and flame arrestors intact
  • Safety can lids closed
  • Safety cans/wash bottles properly labeled

Infectious/Chemical Waste:

  • Waste containers labeled and chemical composition identified
  • Biohazard containers used properly where needed (i.e. autoclave bags, sharps containers)

Laboratory Hoods Local Exhaust:
Laboratory Hoods:

  • Exhaust hoods working, date of last inspection
  • Hood sashes open and close and glass intact
  • Hood free of excess chemical storage/equipment
  • Hood sashes down (panels closed) when not in use
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