Dr. Roy H. Ryder

Education: B.S., M.S., Diploma in Photogrammetry; University of Glasgow - Scotland;  Ph.D., University of Florida 

Interests: Prior to coming to the University of South Alabama in 1989, I directed Geography programs at the University of Costa Rica (1973-76) and the Panamerican Center for Geography in Ecuador (1977-84). My publications cover a wide range of geographical topics including glacial and periglacial landforms of the inner Hebrides of Scotland, pre-Columbian agricultural remains in the Ecuadorean Andes, waterfront development problems in the Florida Keys, land evaluation, farming technology, agricultural decision-making and environmental perception in the Central Cordillera of the Dominican Republic. My current research activities are focused on modeling urban land use change in Quito and monitoring economic development of boom towns in Ecuador's Amazon region...


Department of Earth Sciences