USA Library: Our library maintains an excellent list of Earth Science links

Association of American Geographers: Our professional organization

National Mapping Information: The U.S.G.S. site

Internet Resources in Geography:  from the University of Texas

More Resources for Geographers! from Colorado University

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection: An outstanding online map collection

Geological Survey of Alabama: Good geological map of the state

National Park Service: Learn about our National Parks

GIS Data Depot: Free geospatial data

Terraserver: Imagery from satellites and airplanes

Fourmilab: View the Earth NOW from a satellite in space

Resources for Earth Sciences: Lots of animations and links to other sites with information to help teach or learn earth science concepts.

All you ever need to know about topographic maps: Scroll to the bottom of Dr. Susan Slaymaker's home page for comprehensive information on topographic map symbols, landforms, examples and stereoviews.

Online Map Creation: This is a great site for creating your own maps of anywhere in the world.

Natural Resources Conservation Service: Maps, facts, and figures on agriculture, soils, and landuse from the USDA.

CIA Factbook: Up to date information about every country in the world!

Job Resources for Geographers: (If you know of others, email Dr. Fearn)

The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
Student Conservation Association
Environmental Jobs and Careers
US Government Job Opportunities
University of North Carolina Wilmington, Career Services
Texas A & M Job Board

Department of Earth Sciences