GY301 Applied Geomorphology Laboratory Reference Materials

Laboratory 1: Pace and Compass Traverse  and Statistics

Laboratory 2: Height and Elevation Difference Calculations

Laboratory 3: Measuring Elevations with the Total Station

Laboratory 4: Resection with the Total Station

Total Station Campus Benchmarks Spreadsheet

Total Station Campus Benchmark Location Map

Laboratory 5A: Total Station Campus Topographic Map

Total Station Campus Topographic Map Files for ArcGIS (ZIP)

Laboratory 5B: Contouring and Topographic Profile Exercise

Laboratory 6: GPS Project

GPS Project files (self-extracting ZIP archive)

Laboratory 7: Fluvial Landforms

Laboratory 8: Karst Landforms

Laboratory 9: Glacial Landforms

Garmin Etrex Legend GPS Receiver User Manual

Tannehill Project

High Fall Branch (Cheaha) Field Trip

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