GY403 Structural Geology Course Resources

Lecture Resources


Structural Geology Topics for Presentations:

Structure Contour Problem Set:

Uplift Rate K-Ar problem set:

Plate spreading rate problem set:

Stereographic Statistics Problem Set:

Strain example Problem:

Strain Problem Set:

Lithostatic Stress Example Problem:

Lithostatic Stress Problem Set:

Stress by Resolution of Vectors Problem Set:

Net Slip Problem Set:

Laboratory Resources

Orthographic Projections Example Problems:

   Example 1: Given strike & true dip find apparent dip angle along a trend

   Example 2: Given 2 apparent dips find the strike & true Dip

   Example 3: 3-point problem

   Example 4: Find the line of intersection between two planes

Apparent Dip, 3-point Problem, etc.  Spreadsheets (Excel Format):

Lab 1B: Attitude and 3D Block Diagram  Key

Thickness & Depth Problems Lab Lecture (PowerPoint)

AutoCAD (2002) 3D model of a lower-hemisphere stereographic projection displaying the geometry of how great circle lines are generated:

Stereonet Computer Application (NETPROG):

Example Rotation Problems

High Falls Branch project base map (AutoCAD Map file):

Pace count data sheet:

Traverse data sheet:

AutoCAD 3D Visualization Aids


Strike and True Dip and Apparent Dip 3D model

Inclined Bedding 3D Model

Stereographic Projection with Zenith point

Stereonet with Planar Structure.

Rf/φ Analysis with AutoCAD Documentation (Word 2010 Document)

ZIP archive of files needed for Rf/φ analysis with AutoCAD

MathCAD 2000 Worksheets

Rotation by components worksheet (

PDF of worksheet

Rotation by vector addition worksheet (

PDF of worksheet

Physical Fitness Resources

Spring 2014 Fitness Meetings Schedule

Swimming Test Chart/Target Heart Rate Chart

BMI Chart

Workout Plan with Fitness Step-Test

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