Spring 2017

Dr. Douglas W. Haywick


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GY 112 Does NOT have a required textbook. See the syllabus for details

1) Origins

20) Proterozoic Climate

2) The Earth-Moon system

21) Proterozic Fossils

3) Rocks and Rock Suites

22) Paleozoic Overview

4) Geological Thinking

23) Cambrian Explosion

5) Plate tectonic thinking

24) Paleozoic Geology 1

6) Stratigraphy & Geological Time

25) Paleozoic Geology 2

7) Introduction to Dating

26) Paleozoic Geology 3

8) Radiometric Dating

27) Evolution of the Plants

8a) Stable Isotope geochemistry

28) Evolution of the Fish

9) Fossils 1: Time

29) Evolution of the Vertebrates

10) Fossils 2: Paleoenvironment

30) Extinctions & Mesozoic

11) Fossils 3: Paleogeography

31) Mesozoic Geology 1: tectonics

12) Fossil classification

32) Mesozoic Sedimentation (part 1)

13) Fossil Preservation

33) Mesozoic Sedimentation (part 2)

14) Evolution 1

34) Cenozoic Overview

15) Evolution 2

35) Cenozoic Tectonics

16) Archean Geology

36) Plio-Pleistocene Climate

17) The Atmosphere/Hydrosphere


18) Proterozoic Tectonics 1

19) Proterozoic Tectonics 2


Lecture Test 1 Material

Lecture Test 2 Material

Lecture Test 3 Material


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