GY 301: Geomorphology
(3 credits) 

Dr. Douglas W. Haywick
(standing in for Dr. David Allison)

Bulletin Description:
Principles of landform development as it relates to specific processes (Fluvial erosion, Glacial erosion, etc.), construction of topographic base maps with Alidade/Total Station, GPS navigation and surveying, and rock/mineral resource evaluation. Prerequisite: GY 111. Fee.
Objectives and Goals:

The objectives of the course will be to develop skills in landform recognition and interpretation, topographic contouring, map navigation, topographic profiles, fundamental surveying skills with the alidade and total station, and mineral and rock resource calculation. All of these skills will be developed in the field environment as part of the laboratory component. The lecture will provide the theoretical underpinnings of the field methods used in the lab.

Syllabus for Current Semester (PDF format*)

GY 301 Assignment Due Dates (Check frequently for changes)

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Schedule a Total Station/mapping help SI station (NEW)

GY 301 Stuff (these lectures topics WILL change through the semester)
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Subject Material
PPT Lecture
Lecture Notes
1: Map Scales, projections, coordinates
2: Topographical maps; pace and compass
3: Contouring
4: Topographic profiles
5: Alidade components

6: Coastal Geomorphology
7: Coastal Plain Geomorphology
8: GIS and Geomorphology (Guest Lecture)
9: GPS operating equipment and limiations
10: Navigation with GPS (Demonstration)
11: The Total Station part 1
12: The Total Station part 2
13: Midterm Review
Midterm exam
15: Stream development
16: Landforms on alluvial plains
17: Using Surfer to make maps
18: Arid landforms
19: Karst topography
20: Hydrogeology and topographic maps
21: Glaciers and glacial mechanics
22: Alpine glacial landforms
23: Continental glaciers
24: Plio-Pleistocene glaciations
25: Desert and dune dynamics
26: Geological Features and Geological Maps
27: Geological Features and Geological Maps      
28: Appalachian Provinces    
29: Earth's Climatic Zones
Thanksgiving Break
Final Words
Final Words
Midterm Test Material
Final Exam Material

 * You will need a PDF reader to view\print these files. Go here to download Adobe Acrobat

Text books (optional):
Grotzinger, J., Jordan, T., Press, F. and Siever, R., 2007, Understanding Earth (5th ed.), W.H. Freeman and Co., New York, ISBN 0-7167-6682-5
Lab Manual:
There is no lab manual required,  however, you will have to have the following for the labs:

1) notebook(s)
2) good quality pencils (colored and graphite for drawing),
3) drafting or artist pens
4) scientific calculator

Useful? Course Information:
Lab Assignments**
Final Lab Test
Midterm Test
Final (Lecture) Test
** Detailed lab value: lab 1; 5%; lab 6: 12.5%; all others: 2.5% each

*Attendance/Participation:You learn by coming to class, by asking questions and by participating in lab discussion sessions and field trips. I will assess you on how well you do. Expect a class role to be read/circulated at the beginning of every class/lab.

A 90+
B 80 to 89
C 70 to 79
D 60 to 69
F 59 and below

Due Dates webpage.


It is up to you to examine the maps that are assigned in this course and to do all of the laboratory assignments (even those outside regardless of the weather). You may do this during the lab periods and\or outside of normal university hours. A good chunk of your mark in GY 301 will be based upon lab material, so spend time in the lab. Outside of normal lab periods, use room 337 (our assigned lab room is 042). Refer to the web page (when it is up!) for lab assignment due dates. I do not give extensions; labs assignments not turned in on time will not be accepted (you get an F for that assignment).


The reason for producing a syllabus is to give students advanced notice of exams and assignment due dates. Translation: there is no excuse for missing an exam. However, sometimes it happens. If you have a legitimate excuse for missing an exam (i.e. medical problem), you will be permitted to write a make-up during the last week of classes provided that you show me a signed certificate from a medical doctor stating that it was impossible for you to make the exam. The make up exam will consist of 2 essay questions with no choice on your part.

The fine print:
Plagiarism and cheating are not permitted in this class and either of them will result in severe embarrassment to you (and quite possibly an F for the assignment or exam in question) if you are caught doing them. Be sure to use proper reference citations in your take home exam otherwise it’s plagiarism. See me if you need help about this before the exam.

Disabilty disclaimer:

In accordance with the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) students with bona fide disabilities will be afforded any reasonable accommodation. The Office of Special Student Services will certify a disability and advise faculty members of reasonable accommodations. If you have a specific disability that qualifies you for academic accommodations, please proved us with certification from the Office of Special Student Services, directed by Ms. Andrea Agnew, and located in the Student Center, room 270. The phone number is 460-7212.

Changes in Course Requirements:

Since all classes do not progress at the same rate, instructors may wish to change the number and frequency of exams, or the number and sequence of assignments. Inclement weather (e.g., hurricanes) may also force rescheduling of lectures, assignments or exams. When ever possible, this material will be made up. Students will be given adequate written notice of any changes in lecture sequence, assignment due dates and/or exam date changes.


How & where to find Doug:

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