GY 302: Crystallography and Mineralogy  


4 credit hours

Dr. Douglas W. Haywick


NOTE: These files are meant to augment the notes you took during the lectures, but they are not meant to be a substitute. You should also be aware that they are MY PERSONAL notes and as such, they are not to be used by anyone without my express permission. If you are taking my GY 302 class, you have that permission. Everyone else needs to contact me first. Also be advised that these notes probably contain glaring errors and typos. Use them at your own risk! Occasionally I make use of materials from other sources (primarily scientific publications). I have referenced these sources as accurately as possible.
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GY 302 is a flipped class. Part of the lecture content of this class will be delivered via online videos to online lectures page (Vimeo)

Lecture Materials lecture notes available PowerPoint image notes available (both pdf format)

0) Introductory material

15) Classes VI & VIII: Sulfates/phosphates

1) Introduction, symmetry operations

16) Poster preparation discussion

2) Plane and Bravais Lattices

17) Ore Assessment

3) Miller Indices, Point Groups

18) Olivine Group

4) Stereonet projections

19) Garnet Group

5) Space Groups, Crystal Growth

20) Soro & Cyclosilicates

6) Polymorphs and Pseudomorphs

21) Inosilicates 1

7) Optical Microscopy (2 part lecture)

   1 2

22) Inosilicates 2

8) Mineral classes I: Native elements

23) Phyllosilicates 1 (micas)

9) Class II: Sulphides

24) Phyllosilicates 2 (clays)

10) Class II: Sulphides 2

25) Tektosilicates 1 (quartz)

11) Class III: Oxides and Hydroxides 1

26) Tektosilicates 2 (feldspars)

12) Class III Oxides and Hydroxides 2

27) Tektosilicates 3 (feldspathoids etc)

13) Class IV: Halides

28) Final Lab exam (in lecture part of class)



14) Class V: Carbonates





Lecture Test 1 Material

Lecture Test 2 Material

Lecture Test 3 Material
(IN CLASS) an SI Session for mineral ID help

Additional Stuff available in PDF format* when link is activated 


Class/Lab Assignments
(model exercises and the stereonet assignment are now contained with the course lab manual) Cubic/Hexagonal Crystals Stereonet exercise Ortho/Tetragonal Crystals Tri/Monoclinic Crystals Mineral selection
6) Library Lit review* Ore Assessment Abstract writing assignment
*not done in 2016

Mineral Lists elements, Sulfosalts, Arsenides, Hydroxides and Carbonates & Phosphates and Cyclosilicates minerals (final exam)
(the list will be posted near the end of the semester)

Other Class Materials Syllabus Dates for this semester Advice/Guidelines Template (editable in PowerPoint 2010/2016 Format) Poster 1 Poster 2

Mineralogy Links Minerals Homepage Minerals Data Sheets
(pdf format)
(the best mineral database on the web) download site (free software download for presentations etc.)

  * You will need a PDF reader to view\print these files. Go here to download Adobe Acrobat

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