Professional Societies and Associations
Includes links to important groups world-wide

Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rock Info
Visit the Rock Doctor

Mineralogy Database
More than 5,000 web pages of mineral data

Planetary Geology
Study of the origin, evolution, and distribution of matter condensed in the form of planets, satellites, comets and asteroids

Matt's Geology Page
Devoted to Earth and Space Science

United States Geological Society
General interest

Tell Me How To .com
Get detailed answers to your questions from geology experts 

Geology Shop
Tons of useful links

Secret Agent North Seven East; a interesting re-think of Agent 007 (James Bond)  

Songs of Geology and Other Science-Related Jokes and Humor

Geology of National Park
Going camping in a park? Visit this site for photos, geology info and maps.

Geology and Geologic Time
History of the development of geologic time scales

Every Place has its Faults
Animated fault page

Geology Web Links
Various useful links

Geology Internet Resources
Links to geology sites from Cochise College, Arizona

Puzzles of the Earth
Teaches the theory of plate tectonics; includes graphic tours

USGS geologic maps
Describes the purpose of a geologic map and teaches how they are read

Geology Humor
Top 10 sings that you might be a geologist

Earth Science Australia
A quality resource center including numerous links to GY 11 and GY 112 topics

Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements

A good site for GY 111 students (and Chemistry majors!)

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