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General Comments about SET: Reviewing instructors is a vital link in the teaching philosophy of most colleges and universities around the world. It is this reason why USA students are asked to fill out SET (Student Evaluation of Teaching) forms at least once a semester. Many students have told me that the SET forms do not ask the important questions. Many students don't even know what SET data are actually used for. Most importantly, some students don't think that their opinion counts. Your opinion does matter, and USA is actively seeking ways to improve teaching evaluation on this campus.

Eventually, I hope to offer a means to evaluate my teaching and the course content of the classes I teach on this web page, but for now that is not possible. There are, however, other options. I will probably regret this, but, I have provided two links to national teacher review internet sites. If you have comments that you wish to share (good or bad) about my teaching or the teaching of other USA instructors, feel free to visit these sites.

By the way, my teaching philosophy is quite simple. I want students to learn about geology and the fascinating Earth that we live on. As with all instructors, I'd like to be considered a "good" teacher, but only if by "good" you mean that you learned something in my class(es). I'd rather not be involved in any personality contests. If you wish to evaluate me or anyone else on these web pages, all that I ask is that you be fair and provide useful evaluations that future students can use.

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