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Future geologists at work!
Plio-Pleistocene deltaic deposits in Mobile, Al (yes we do have geology down here!) Doug as a teacher (you can also review other USA faculty )



Undergraduate Courses html format (with pdf links) pdf format*



Class notes

Labs & Manuals

GY 111: Physical Geology Lectures

GY 111 (H): Physical Geology Lectures (Honors)


GY 111L: Physical Geology Labs

GY 112: Earth History


GY 112 (H): Earth History (Honors)

GY 112L: Earth History Labs

GY 112: Earth History (Summer class)

GY 301: Geomorphology

GY 302: Crystallography and Mineralogy

GY 305: Geophysics

GY 402: Sedimentary Petrology

GY 421: Applied Environmental Geology

GY 422: Sedimentary Geology

GY 450: Thin-sectioning

GY 490: Earth History for Teachers

ES 492: Science in the Movies (H)

Graduate Courses



Class notes


GY 544: Sedimentary Geology

MAS 590: Advanced Sedimentary Petrology

MAS 603: Geological Oceanography

Note: Due to University space limitations, not all links may be active all of the time. Classes that are being taught for the current semester are
highlighted. These links are active.



Field Trips (schedule of offerings, trip information etc.)

(TBA) Landing

(Spring 2017) Field Trip

(TBA) State Park, TX  

(TBA) River

(TBA) Zealand


(Spring 2017)

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