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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to get into a health professional school?

Selection for admission to health professional schools is generally based on four criteria:
       * Academic record (overall grade-point average (GPA), science GPA, course load, etc.)
       * Admission test scores
       * Letters of evaluation
       * Interviews conducted by the professional schools' admission committees.

What can the University of South Alabama do for you?

If you are interested in a career in the health professions, the University of South Alabama has the support services to help you get there. Each health pre-professional student has two advisors: one for the major and one for health pre-professionals. A health pre-professional student can choose any of the majors on campus, but must also satisfy all requirements of the professional school admissions.

During the undergraduate education, a student must prove to health professional schools that they are worthy of a slot in the professional program. Students do this by successfully completing the required undergraduate coursework, by maintaining a high GPA (especially in the sciences), and by achieving a good score on the appropriate standardized exam.

The health pre-professions advising office provides several resources for students:

     •One-on-one advising

     •Information on the various professional schools

     •Admission requirements

     •Application deadlines

     •Admission exam preparation material
     •Practice admission tests
     •Mock interviews

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