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We are glad you chose to live on campus with us at the University of South Alabama! Make sure you follow the steps below to properly complete the check-out process if you are moving to a new room/building OR if you are moving out and are not returning to campus housing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are considering cancelling your housing contract, please be sure to pay special attention to our Cancellation & Withdrawal information BEFORE moving out. Call our Housing Business Office with any additional questions about cancellations (251-460-6185).

There are now TWO options to move out of your room each semester: Traditional Check-Out OR Express Check-Out. Please consult the University’s Academic Calendar for residence hall closing dates when making your plans for move-out. Contact your Resident Assistant or your Community Desk/Office for more details.

Traditional Check-Out
1.  Make an appointment with your Resident Assistant for room check-out
     •  Must be scheduled 24 hours in advance of the appointment
     •  Check-Out appointment must occur after you:
                - Have removed all belongings and trash from your room
                - Cleaned your room/apartment/suite (including the bathroom, kitchen, appliances, floors, drawers, closets)
                - Are ready to leave the residence hall
2.  Your Resident Assistant will arrive to your room at the time of the appointment and will complete the Check-Out portion of
      your Room Condition Form (RCF).
     •  Be prepared to give your room key to your Resident Assistant at the time of check-out.
     •  When you and your Resident Assistant leave your room at the completion of check-out, windows and blinds should be closed,
         lights should be off, and your door locked.

Please note: Rooms with belongings or trash left (that do not belong to a remaining roommate) at the time of the appointment, will not be cleared for check-out and will be required to reschedule after these items have been addressed. Be sure to take your bike as it may be tagged for removal.

Express Check-Out
You may choose to skip the appointment with your Resident Assistant to check-out of your room by signing up for an Express Check-Out. To utilize this option, the following steps must be taken:
1.  Sign up for an Express Check Out by contacting your Community Office or RA On-Duty (click here for contact info). This informs
      your RA that you will not need to schedule an appointment with them.
2.  Completely move-out of your room. This includes removing all belongings and trash.
3.  Clean your room/apartment/suite (including the bathroom, kitchen, appliances, floors, drawers, closets as applicable).
4.  When leaving the room the final time, be sure your blinds and window(s) are closed, and lock the door behind you.
5.  Complete the Express Check-Out form (click here to get the form) and turn in your completed form AND room key to your Community
      Office. You may choose to get a form from your Community Office to complete before turning in your key.

Please note: Student belongings left in a room at the time of check-out may be considered abandoned and discarded within 24-hours of staff becoming aware the student has vacated the unit. Be sure to take your bike as it may be tagged for removal.

Click here to learn more about the Late Stay Request process for those who have a University-related need to remain in the residence halls beyond the published check-out deadlines.

A $50.00 lock change charge may be assessed if the room key is not returned at check-out. Failure to follow the check-out procedures may result in a $75.00 assessment fee for improper check-out. Moreover, the resident may be assessed fees for room damages.

Be sure to review the Transition Day information (found under FAQs) to learn more about the "what" and "when" of your moving process and expectations.

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