JagTV is a volunteer organization entirely run by students through an annual student activity fee. JagTV was established in 1999 after adoption by the board of communication. JagTV broadcasts on channel 63 on the USA cable system and can be seen throughout the dormitories and common places on campus. New programming runs on a semester basis and is re-aired over intermissions and the summer semester. JagTV is on the air and online 24 hours, 7 days a week.


All current or previous students who are willing to work on a voluntary basis are welcome to participate in JagTV activities. All JagTV members are expected to abide by JagTV rules. For more information about volunteering, please see below.

    Want to learn more? Watch this video to find out how to become part of the team.

Join Through Facebook

The easiest way to join JagTV is to join our Facebook group. There you will be able to talk with other members, learn about shoots and available positions, and find out when our meetings and events are. If you are already a member of USA groups, then it’s easy. Skip to step 2. If not, start at 1.

1. Register you’re your school email address with Facebook to prove you are a student at USA. To do that, go here.
NOTE: This only works on a computer, not a phone.

2. Join the JagTV members' group.

Join Without Facebook

Not on Facebook? Can’t join the group? Either show up to one of our meetings or events, or contact us to join the team in person.


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Staff Positions

Ready to get started making shows? See a full list of staff positions at JagTV, along with there desciptions, by clicking here.