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Zoya Khan. “Bare Life, Indigenous Viscerality and Cholo Barbarity in Jesús Lara's Yanakuna.” Transmodernity: Journal of  Peripheral Cultural Production of Luso-Hispanic World. Forthcoming, Fall 2014

  Zoya Khan Pirate Utopias: from the Archive to Homeless Writing in Edmundo Paz Soldán’s WritingsBulletin of Spanish Studies: Hispanic Studies and Researches on Spain, Portugal and Latin America , April 2014.
  Mihaela Marin. "Le roman respiratoire de Zola: Physiologie du mythologie."

Re-Reading Zola and Worldwide Naturalism: Miscellanies in Honour of Anna Gural Migdal. Eds. Marie-Sophie Armstrong,Riika Rossi,, Carolyn Snipes-hovt. NewCastle upon tyne: Camrbidge Scholars Publishing, 2013. ,

  Susan McCready and Leon Sachs (University of Kentucky ) “Stages of Battle:  Theater and War in the Plays of Bernardt, Raynal and Anouilh.” The French Review, Vol. 87, No. 4, May 2014, 41-55.
  Christine Rinne  “A Reconsideration of the Domestic in GDR Literature.”   MIFLC Review 15: 23-37
  Christine Rinne "Denying an Ideal: Maidservants in the Works of Sacher-Masoch and Freud." Journal of Austrian Studies. Forthcoming.
  Roberto Robles-Valencia When Multicultural Landscape Becomes Tragic Stage: Spanish Film and Immigration on the Verge of the Millennium.”  Toward a Multicultural Configuration of Spain: Local Cities, Global Spaces. Ed. Corbalán, Ana, Mayock, Ellen. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. Forthcoming, 2014
  Roberto Robles Valencia,  Florido J., Martín, L., Matos, E.,. (eds.) Fuera de la ley: El cine y la cultura quinqui de los años 80. Granada: Ed. Comares, 2014 (Forthcoming).


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