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Chair: Isabel Zakrzewski Brown
Professors: McCready
Associate Professors: Brown, Khan, Marin, Pérez-Pineda, Roddy
Assistant Professors: Gossett, Rinne, Robles-Valencia

Senior Instructors:  Britt, Rice

Instructor:  Faile
Emeriti: Jones, Lomangino, Mozur, Quinn

The department offers a major in Foreign Languages and Literatures with concentrations in French, German, Russian, and Spanish. This new major requires that students complete nine credits in a study-abroad program. Qualified majors will receive aid to help them fulfill this requirement (see Grants and Scholarships). Minors are also available in those four languages.

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The Department also offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Modern Greek under the NASILP program, as well as Latin and Classical Greek (starting Spring 2008) in the regular curriculum. A complete listing of requirements and course descriptions for all classes can be found in the University Bulletin. You may also consult the schedule of courses for the current or upcoming semesters .

Although the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures has no graduate degree program, graduate-level course work at the 500 level is offered in several languages. Students may enroll in the Alternative Masters program in the College of Education with a specialization in a Foreign Language. For information about this program, please contact the head of the appropriate language section in the Department of Foreign Languages.

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