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Not only will you find the Russian language courses offered listed below, but also any special Russian literature and culture classes that will be available. These special courses are lectured in English and are always a mind-opening experience.
Please consider taking one!

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If you would like to major in Foreign Languages with a Russian area of concentration, you must complete 25 hours of core courses and 24 hours of Russian. The core requirement also takes the place of a traditional minor. The required core courses include Global Issues (IS 100), World Languages (LG 110), World Literature I & II (EH 235 and 236), Directed Study: Pre-Study Abroad (LG 394), Study Abroad (IS 391), and Senior Seminar (LG 480). To minor in Russian, students must pass 9 semester hours of Russian beyond the Introductory and Intermediate sequences, including either LG 374 or 376. Of course, as with any degree from the College of Arts and Sciences, students must also pass the College's general education requirements found on page 46 of the Catalog.


As part of their core requirement, majors must earn a minimum of 9 semester hours at the upper level in the language of their concentration in an approved study abroad program. During their stay abroad students will be required to maintain on-line contact with their advisers, keep a journal of their activities, and gather materials to be used in LG 480 Senior Seminar upon their return. Subject to availability of funding, grants covering travel and cost-of-living expenses that majors would not normally incur as full-time residential students will be provided by the department.
For students majoring or minoring in Foreign Languages and Literature or International Studies, credits earned in approved Study Abroad programs, up to a maximum of 16 semester hours, may be used to satisfy this requirement provided the student is enrolled in IS 391, Study Abroad, and has transient course approval from the dean of the college. Study Abroad courses must be certified as equivalent to upper division (300 or 400 level) course work in order to fulfill the USA Residency Requirement. For more information about the Study Abroad Program click here.

  • LG 171 Introductory Russian I (3 credits): First semester of the introductory course. It focuses on a basic proficiency in comprehending, speaking, reading, and writing in the Russian language. You spend the first few hours studying the alphabet -- the fun begins right off!
  • LG 172 Introductory Russian II (3 credits): Second semester of the introductory course. It continues seamlessly from where you leave off during LG 171. The prerequisite is LG 171.
  • LG 271 Intermediate Russian I (3 credits): First semester of the intermediate sequence. This course is geared toward the achievement of fluency in Russian. It is much more conversational, and reading of contextual texts becomes much more frequent. LG 172 is the prerequisite.
  • LG 272 Intermediate Russian II (3 credits): Second semester of the intermediate sequence. This course is a continuation of the previous one, but includes reading and discussion of much more advanced texts.. The prerequisite is LG 271.
  • LG 375 Advanced Russian Conversation (2 credits): Intensive conversation practice in using the various levels of modern spoken Russian. This course meets two hours per week. The content of this course will vary over four consecutive semesters. This course may be taken more than once. Prerequisite: LG 272 or equivalent, or permission of the instructor.
  • LG 374 Advanced Russian Grammar (3 credits): This course basically rounds off the study of the most complex features of the Russian language. Structured practice in oral and written expression. The prerequisite is LG 272.
  • LG 376 (W) Advanced Russian Composition (3 credits): This course covers Russian composition. Students read, write and discuss texts on a number of topical subjects from politics, geography, and the ecology to crime and ethnicity. The prerequisite is LG 272.
  • LG 372 The Golden Age of Russian Literature (3 credits; W): A study of the finest 19th century Russian Literature.
  • LG 380 Russian Poetry (3 credits): This course helps to improve the student's speaking ability in Russian through the magnificent power and word play of Russian poetry. The prerequisite is LG 272.
  • LG 381 Russian Prose in Context (3 credits): Students immerse themselves in a selection of works written by the masters of Russian prose. The course offers the student an opportunity to expand his/her command of Russian vocabulary. The prerequisite is LG 272.
  • LG 494 Directed Studies (3 credits): Independent work with the professor. Content will be determined by the professor and will take into account the student's needs and interests. The prerequisite is LG 374 or LG 376.
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