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At USA there are nearly 200 recognized academic, professional, special interest, faith-based and social greek letter organizations. Student organizations provide opportunities for you to gain valuable leadership experience and connect you back to your campus! If you are interested in joining a student organization, please visit The Office of Campus Involvement in Student Center Room 129 or call us at 460-7003.

Regulations for Student Organizations

Student organizations at the University exist as an integral part of the total educational experience. Their general purpose is to contribute to the development and welfare of the students and to benefit the entire community. Student organizations are established and managed by students and are subject to the regulations of the University. Student organization responsibilities include adherence to the organization's announced purposes and sound business management. Basic democratic operational procedures are expected of all student organizations.

Membership in University of South Alabama student organizations is open to all regularly enrolled students.  Accordingly, no person may be excluded from membership or leadership in a registered student organization due to race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender (unless exempt under Title IX), sexual orientation, disability or veteran status; provided, however, that registered student organizations may limit their membership to students who, upon individual inquiry, affirm that they support the organization's religious, political or other legally protected views, consistent with the First Amendment.

Student organizations must have an advisor and be approved by the University before they can function as recognized organizations of the University. The Campus Involvement Office and the organization advisor are available to advise and assist organizations, but the final responsibility for performance rests with the members themselves. The Office of Campus Involvement is responsible for the overall facilitation of student organization policy and registration. We are located in SC 129. Contact: 251-460-7003, Activities@usouthal.edu

To be recognized as an active organization in good standing with the university, all student organizations must:

    1. Demonstrate that the group does not duplicate an existing organization
    2. Maintain a membership list with a minimum of 10 student members. Of those 10 student members, 100% must be currently enrolled USA students. The only exception to this policy is for Honor Societies. Up to 10% of the membership may include honorary members such as faculty, staff and community members.
    3. Have at least one active faculty or staff advisor.
    4. Submit the following information to the Campus Involvement Office by the designated deadline:
    5. Consult with the Campus Involvement Office and follow the procedures outlined to become formally recognized.
      New Organizations
      USA is committed to the development of student organizations and organizational leaders and members. The addition of new student organizations enhances the campus community and provides more opportunities for students to become involved and participate in activities that support their interests. The process for becoming a new student organization is consistent among all organizations. In order to establish such an organization, students are permitted a grace period in which they have access to facilities and services to recruit members and secure an advisor.

      When the organization has met the criteria for recognition they must turn in required paperwork and meet with the Student Organization Review Board to become formally recognized.

      Required documents include:
      The following documentation is required:
        1. Application Packet
        2. Advisor Agreement Form
        3. Constitution and Bylaws

      The Student Organization Review Board, comprised of faculty, staff and students, meets as needed to review the organization’s constitution to ensure compliance with requirements and format. This open meeting is also a time for the student organization representative and advisor to ask any additional questions before recognition is formalized.

      Existing Organizations
      Student organizations are required to register with the Campus Involvement Office annually. If a student organization is inactive or does not register with our office for over one academic year, they are subject to the policies and procedures required of New Student Organizations as mentioned above.

      Sound fiscal management procedures must be in place for all student organizations. These procedures must be provided for within the organization’s constitution (see Student Organization Policies/Sample Constitution). With the assistance of the advisor, student organization leaders should strive to conduct all financial business of the organization in a responsible and ethical manner. All accounts are subject to audit and review by the University of South Alabama. According to SGA policy, student organizations must be active for THREE CONSECUTIVE SEMESTERS in order to be eligible for appropriations.

      On-Campus Accounts
      Every student organization may open an on-campus account for managing funds. Please visit the Office of Student Affairs for more information to open an on-campus account. Advantages to using an on campus account include:
        • Support from university staff in regulating the use of funds
        • Limiting the risk of misuse
        • No annual fees or other materials costs
        • Easy to maintain when organizational leadership changes
        • Tax exempt status
      Off-Campus Accounts
      In the event that a student organization decides to open an off- campus account, the following requirements apply:
        • The account must have two signatories, one of which must be the organization advisor.
        • The account name cannot include “USA” or “University of South Alabama.”
        • Use of the University’s TAX ID number is prohibited to open an off campus account.
        • Remove outgoing and add incoming signatories promptly.
      Other tips for off campus accounts
        • Use of an ATM or credit card is not recommended.
        • Use a central mailing address such as a USA PO Box to receive bank statements and notifications.
        • Allow all members of the student organization access to financial records.
        • Designate a secondary individual who is separate from the organization purchaser to reconcile the bank statements
      Conduct in Group Activities
        1. Any University of South Alabama student guilty of disorderly conduct at any function sponsored by the University or by any University organization is required to leave the function immediately.
        2. Any person not a student at the University of South Alabama who violates these regulations is also required to leave the function immediately. If he or she is from another school, a report of his or her actions is forwarded to the appropriate officers at his or her school.
        3. Responsibility for the enforcement of these regulations rests with the officers or appointed representatives of the organization sponsoring the function.
        4. The attendance of an organization’s faculty advisor is desirable at organizational functions.
      Social Probation and Withdrawal of Recognition
      An organization may be placed on social probation and/or recognition may be withdrawn for any of the following reasons:
        1. The organization fails to maintain compliance with initial requirements for registration.
        2. The organization ceases to operate as an active organization.
        3. The organization requests withdrawal of registration.
        4. The organization operates or engages in any activity in violation of rules and regulations of the University or federal or state laws.
        5. The organization fails to submit any required reports.
        6. The organization violates acceptable standards of behavior which are attributable to the group rather than to the individual, depending upon the severity of the violation.
      The Dean of Students may refer such cases to the appropriate disciplinary body for a hearing. However, the Dean may determine the extent to which an organization has violated regulations and notify the organization, through its president, that the organization is on social probation.

      An organization that is placed on social probation may continue to hold meetings but may not sponsor any activity or program or participate in any activity or program sponsored by another organization. Where registration of an organization is withdrawn, it shall cease to exist as an organization.
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