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Dr. Kyeong Park
Associate Professor, Department of Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama
Senior Marine Scientist, Dauphin Island Sea Lab
(Phone: 251-861-7563, Fax: 251-460-7357, e-mail:

Ph.D., 1993, College of William and Mary

Research Description:

My overall research interests lie in estuarine and coastal hydrodynamics and water quality conditions, particularly the physical transport processes and their effects on water quality and living resources. Included topics in physical transport processes are estuarine residual circulation, dispersion of pollutants, sediment transport, etc., and those in water quality and living resources are eutrophication, hypoxia/anoxia, sediment diagenesis, sediment flux, larval transport, etc.

I have used field data, theoretical analyses and numerical models to better understand these processes. The ultimate goal is, through the collaborative studies with researchers from the disciplines of biogeochemical processes, to develop predictive models for water quality and living resources as management tools.

Representative Publications:

Park, K., H.-S. Jung, H.-S. Kim, and S.-M. Ahn (accepted) Three-dimensional hydrodynamic-eutrophication model (HEM-3D): application to Kwang-Yang Bay, Korea. Marine Environmental Research.

Kuo, A.Y., K. Park, S.-C. Kim, and J. Lin (2005) A tidal prism water quality model for small coastal basins. Coastal Management, 33: 103-119.

Lin, J., H.V. Wang, J.-H. Oh, K. Park, S.-C. Kim, J. Shen, and A.Y. Kuo (2003) A new approach to model sediment resuspension in tidal estuaries. Journal of Coastal Research, 19(1): 76-88.

Park, K., J.-H. Oh, H.-S. Kim, and H.-H. Im (2002) Case study: mass transport mechanism in Kyunggi Bay around Han River mouth, Korea. ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 128(3): 257-267.

Yoo, J.-W., J.-S. Hong, S.R. Yang, and K. Park (2002) Nitrogen budget analysis using a box model for Hajeon tidal flat in the west coast of Korea. The Sea, Journal of the Korean Society of Oceanography, 7(4), 257-266.

Kim, S.-C., K. Park, A.Y. Kuo, and M.D. Phillips (2000) An expert system aiding permit writers for point source discharges. In: Development and Application of Computer Techniques to Environmental Studies VIII (G.Ibarra-Berastegi, C.A. Brebbia, and P. Zannetti, eds.), WIT Press, pp. 143-152.

Lee, K.-S., K. Park, and J.-H. Oh (2000) Development of a three-dimensional, semi-implicit hydrodynamic model with wetting-and-drying scheme. Journal of Korean Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers, 12(2): 70-80.

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Kim, C.-K., K.-I. Chang, K. Park, and M.-S. Suk (2000) The South Sea circulation of Korea: two-dimensional barotropic model. The Sea, Journal of the Korean Society of Oceanography, 5(4), 257-266.

Kim, N.-Y., K.-H. Kim, and K. Park (1999) Distribution characteristics of major water quality parameters in the Kyung Gi Bay, Yellow Sea. Journal of the Korean Earth Science Society, 20(5), 564-579.

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Kim, S.-C., J. Chen, K. Park, and J.-K. Choi (1998) Coastal surges from extratropical storms on the west coast of the Korean Peninsula. Journal of Coastal Research, 14(2): 660-666.

Park, K. and A.Y. Kuo (1997) Calibration and verification of a tidal prism eutrophication model for the Lynnhaven Bay (U.S.A). Journal of the Korean Fisheries Society, 30(6): 964-973.

Park, K. (1996) Concept of surface water quality modeling in tidal rivers and estuaries. Environmental Engineering Research, 1(1): 1-13.

Park, K. and A.Y. Kuo (1996) A multi-step computation scheme decoupling kinetic processes from physical transport in water quality models. Water Research, 30(10): 2255-2264.

Park, K. and A.Y. Kuo (1996) Effect of variation in vertical mixing on residual circulation in narrow, weakly nonlinear estuaries. In: Buoyancy Effects on Coastal and Estuarine Dynamics (D.G. Aubrey and C.T. Friedrichs, eds.), Coastal and Estuarine Studies 53, AGU, pp. 301-317.

Park, K., A.Y. Kuo, and B.J. Neilson (1996) A numerical model study of hypoxia in the tidal Rappahannock River of Chesapeake Bay. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 42(5): 563-581.

Kuo, A.Y. and K. Park (1995) A framework for coupling shoals and shallow embayments with main channels in numerical modeling of coastal plain estuaries. Estuaries, 18(2): 341-350.


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