Who are we?


The Muslim Student Association at the University of South Alabama is an independent organization dedicated to providing the University community with an accurate picture of what Islam truly stands for. In a world in which information is virtually unlimited, it is important that we obtain our knowledge about other faiths from reliable and representative sources. That is why USA’s Muslim Student Association strives to increase awareness about Islamic teachings in their original context as opposed to individual interpretation. Our mission is to convey accurate information about Islam, clarify Islamic principles, and answer questions in hopes of creating an understanding and dispelling any misconceptions about our beliefs. Only through such understanding can people of different faiths coexist peacefully, regardless of ideological differences we may have.


MSA’s activities include, but are not limited to, free literature giveaways, informative lectures, annual dinners, and informal student discussions. We encourage everyone to attend our events, and we welcome all types of questions about Islam and Muslims. The Muslim Student Association is here on campus for you, and what better way to learn about the Islamic faith than from its source?


The Muslim Student Association at the University of South Alabama is a non-affiliated organization unless otherwise indicated. No one may serve as a representative for USA’s Muslim Student Association except its faculty advisor, president, or any person they designate.







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