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JagTV is the on-campus TV station of the University of South Alabama. It is available in the dorms of every student living on campus as well as in common places across campus. Its audience reflects a diversity of lifestyles, interests and budgets. Students come to this growing university from all 50 states and 79 countries, but they all have one thing in common – they do their buying in the Mobile area.

Our 16,000 South Alabama students are quite a catch

Young (median age 25), athletic (17 Division I athletics programs), diverse (attending any one of the 50 degree programs offered), affluent (median starting salary 45k), and involved (nearly 200 student organizations that work in the community).

On Campus Channel

Currently the University of South Alabama has 2,100 students living in the dorms with the opportunity to watch JagTV directly on their personal televisions on channel 61.1.

JagTV Online

In addition to the on-campus station, JagTV programming is available online – with advertising permanently embedded – thus expanding its reach to off-campus students, parents, alumni, teachers, and interested viewers across the globe. Older episodes remain in queue behind newer, allowing viewers to watch them again and again as many times as they would like for as long as they would like.

Share your product or service with South

Advertising rates and packages for spring will be ready soon. Those interested are welcome to contact JagTV now, and information will be sent out as soon as it is available.


Jeremiah Cain
General Manager, JagTV
Subject: Advertising