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Student Degree Audit (CAPP) Instructions

CAPP, the University's degree audit program, offers student tracking towards degree completion. In CAPP, the process of checking a student's progress against the requirements to meet a goal is specifically called compliance.

To access CAPP:
  • Go to PAWS ( http://paws.southalabama.edu )
  • Log in to the secure area of PAWS by clicking Enter Secure Area
  • Enter your JAG Number (User ID) and Password (PIN), click Login
  • Click Student Services and Financial Aid
  • Click Student Records
  • Click Degree Evaluation
  • Select the appropriate term (semester), click Submit

Three options of compliances are available:

View Previous Evaluation (allows you to select a previously prepared compliance
Generate New Evaluation (allows you to prepare a new compliance report based on
  your current program, major and concentration(s))
What-if Analysis (allows you to prepare a compliance report with different programs,
  majors, etc.)
  Steps: Enter entry term from drop-down box
             Select Continue
             Enter program from drop-down box
             Select Continue
             Enter first major from drop-down box
             Select Add More box if you need to add concentration(s)
             Add up to three concentrations from drop-down boxes
             Select Add More box you need to add minor(s)
             Add up to two minors from drop-down boxes
             Click Submit
             Click Generate Request

Degree Evaluation Display Options:

General Requirements (used to gain an overview of your progress in the program such
  as how many hours have been completed, the areas that have been met and not met)
Detail Requirements (used to look at the rules governing the areas and how the areas
  have been met or what is needed to meet the area)
Additional Information (used to show in-progress courses and courses not used to
  meet degree requirements)
Should you have any questions, please contact your advisor. Questions can also be directed to PAWS Help at pawshelp@usouthal.edu .

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