Prompt: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your Freshman self? What advice do you have for the student who has recently decided to major in Psychology?

“Join Psi Chi early and participate often; talk with professors often.” (anonymous, Senior)

“Study and try hard.” (Lori Westmoreland, Junior)

“Get involved in clubs.” (anonymous, class unknown)

"Read all of the material, even if you don't have to. Start your research sequence in the semester immediately following your Intro course, and get invovled in research as soon as possible." (Hope Brasfield, Senior)

“Remember there really IS a permanent record for your grades in college.” (Pamela Brown, Senior)

“Don’t overstress. Do what you can and don’t try to be in everything.” (anonymous, class unknown)

“Read, read, read the bulletin and the Lowdown! Become familiar with South’s policies!” (Tessa Bosarge, Senior)

“Make friends with your advisor and Mrs. Bonnie! Don’t be afraid to ask even the smallest question.” (Tessa Bosarge, Senior)

“Don’t be shy – Get involved! Don’t procrastinate! On life/studies/friends – it goes incredibly fast. Make sure you believe what you ‘know.’” (Stephanie Guinn, Senior)

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