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Design Services


Looking to add a little razzle-dazzle to your old brochure? Do you want to send out an invitation that is sure to have all the gang at your event? Have you been working on that book of poetry for years and now you’ve finally gathered the nerve to self-publish?

We will help you with all of this and more.

Graphic Design

Creative and cost efficient, our designers will help you look good! From newspaper ads to a simple “Welcome” banner we help you present your ideas in the most effective and attractive way. If you have no thoughts on how to begin putting your ideas on paper, come to Publication Services and consult with one of our talented designers. Let us help shape your idea into a finished, successful piece. Not only do we have the expertise, we also have resources for pictures and design elements that will take your project to the next level. Selecting the right colors, media, and art to make your publication one of high impact while maintaining cost within your budget is our goal.

Publication Services is creative and versatile, offering a wide selection of formats and sizes to develop a printed piece tailored to a particular need.

Design Services
Design Services Brochures, newsletters, directories, handbooks, posters, flyers, and calendars are just a few of our design capabilities.

Tips on what to bring to your consultation with our artists:

       • printed samples that express the mood, style, or color combination you wish          portrayed
       • photos that could be used within the publication
       • other existing pieces that must coordinate with the new publication
       • back issues of your publication (if reprint or redesign)


You could have a job that simply requires a cleaner, easier read. Using different fonts and typestyles suited to your particular piece, our composition professionals are neat with a capital N! Directories are a perfect example of why our composition skills are right for your job. You have collected all the pertinent data for your directory, however, it is much larger than you expected and a jumble of names and numbers. Don’t worry, bring it to us. We will format your data to create a clean, legible, and more condensed directory shined to perfection and perfectly suited to your intended audience.

Design Services

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