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University Logo

The USA logo may be used on stationery, documents, and other printed or electronic media representing the University. Any alterations of the logo or new logo designs are not permitted.

The logo may be used in any format and size as long as the integrity of the design is preserved. When departmental names are required, they must be placed outside the logo design. The University of South Alabama Hospitals logo, shown here, is the only exception as it contains the name inside the logo design.

Offices other than Publication Services are not authorized to permit outside companies or individuals to reproduce the logo. The four accepted versions of the University logo are listed below.

  1. Solid color background with color type “University of South Alabama” and reversed-out USA letters.
  2. Reversed background with solid color USA letters and reversed-out type  “University of South Alabama.”
  3. Solid color background with reversed-out USA letters, without the type “University of South Alabama.”
  4. Reversed background with solid color USA letters, without the reversed-out type “University of South Alabama,” and leaving a solid color box.

When the printed document requires a smaller version of the logo (below 11/4 inch in height) to accommodate other material, versions 3 and 4 of the logo are to be used.

When using versions 3 and 4, the type “University of South Alabama” must appear in the title of the document or near the logo. Versions 3 and 4 may be reduced as long as the design is not distorted.

The following logo usage policy was adopted in August 1992: The University logo can be printed in any one color. However, the entire logo must appear in one color, not a combination of two or more colors.

When producing printed materials for recruitment purposes outside the University and local markets, the University logo must appear in either all black or the designated logo colors from the industry’s standard color chart (red 193 and blue 281). This is necessary to keep the University’s graphic identity strong, consistent, and easily recognizable.

Publication Services can provide high-quality graphics in various sizes and formats for placement on materials to be produced. The University encourages the use of the logo in the established University colors. Graphic standards make an important contribution to the University of South Alabama ’s identity as perceived by our internal and external constituencies. In the event you need a specific application is not included here, please contact Publication Services.

USA Logo
USA Logo
USA Logo
USA Logo
USA Hospitals Logo
USA Hospitals Logo
University Seal

The University seal is the official symbol of identification of the University of South Alabama and the Board of Trustees. The use of the University seal is limited to documents of a formal, academic, or official nature (diplomas, transcripts, commencement programs, and academic certificates).

Employee Service Recognition Program The seal has also been adopted for use on official class rings, pins, flags, and commemorative medallions and is watermarked on the University ’s official stationery. The designated colors for the seal are red 193, blue 290, gold 117, and black. Permission to use the seal must be requested and granted in writing through the Office of Publication Services. The use of the seal beyond those instances stated above must be reviewed by the Office of Publication Services and approved by the University Graphics Standards Committee. Questions regarding appropriate use of the seal should be directed to Publication Services, UCOM 6500, 380-2828.
USA 1963
Red 193
Blue 290
Gold 117
University of South Alabama - 6500 UCOM - 307 University Boulevard - Mobile Alabama 36688-0002 - (251) 380-2828
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