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Moulton Tower Stationary


When utilizing any of the official University symbols, it is necessary to include the words “University of South Alabama” within or near the emblem.

  • The “cartoon jaguar” may be dressed to depict or promote a particular event or sport as long as the original position and format of the illustration are not altered in any way.
  • The “jaguar paw” may or may not incorporate the University logo; however, the words “University of South Alabama” must be placed somewhere near the emblem.

Publication Services maintains symbols and logos on file for various media types.

Examples of New Logo & Graphic Standards for Its Use

USA Symbols

Licensing Program


The purpose of the use of a licensing program is to:

Protect the name and identifying marks of the University of South Alabama.
Preserve the University’s good name and reputation by insuring that products bearing its name or marks are of good quality and reflect positively on the University.
Promote the University by stimulating public awareness and support of the University through commercial use of its name and marks.
Insure that the public consistently and properly identifies and associates University logos, wordmarks, and trademarks on products representing the University.

The University of South Alabama established a licensing program on February 23, 1990.
Commercial use of the name, official seal, initials, mascot, logo, and associated symbols of the University is exclusively granted to manufacturers through our agent, Strategic Marketing Affiliate, Inc. The “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label will appear on all licensed merchandise.

Officially Licensed Collegiate Products
All items bearing the logo/marks of the University, such as T-shirts and hats, must be ordered through companies that are officially licensed. All University representatives can use the licensed logos for official functions without further licensing procedures. Care must be taken to insure the symbols are used properly while maintaining the integrity of the artwork. You may contact the Office of Publication Services (380-2828) prior to producing your project and have your artwork pre-approved. Licensed companies must pay a royalty fee on all items that are produced for resale; however, the royalty fee for items that are used internally by the University can be waived. A letter request should be sent to the licensing officer stating the nature of the use and that the product is being used internally along with the name and address of the licensed company that will produce the item. After reviewing the information, if it is deemed that the royalty fee should be waived, the licensing officer will contact the Strategic Marketing Affiliate, Inc. informing them of the decision to have the royalty fee waived.

Licensing Process

Questions regarding vendor status with the licensing program should be directed to Publication Services at (251) 380-2828. No exemptions are permitted to the University of South Alabama Bookstore, other retail outlets, or individuals. The University of South Alabama’s Office of Publication Services is given the responsibility to enforce the licensing standards and specifications of the University. All artwork using the University’s logo, trademarks, symbols, or any University-related wording or product to appear on printed media or products, must be submitted to and approved by Publication Services (380-2828) prior to manufacturing.
University of South Alabama - 6500 UCOM - 307 University Boulevard - Mobile Alabama 36688-0002 - (251) 380-2828
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