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Moulton Tower Stationary


The University has adopted an official flag utilizing the seal. This flag is to be flown with the State flag and the American flag in front of the main buildings (USA Brookley Center, USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, USA Medical Center, USA Springhill, and the Administration Building located on the Main Campus). It may also be used at special ceremonies such as graduation. The flag may be purchased through the Office of Publication Services.


Gonfalons, which are flags or banners hung from crosspieces on poles, have been designed for each college and school at USA. These gonfalons, and the image they contain, are to be used primarily as symbols related to graduation. They are not intended to become logos for the colleges and schools they represent. The lone exception when the gonfalon symbol can be used in print is from printed material strictly related to graduation, provided that it does not replace institutional logos and symbols.




The banner, bearing the University logo, is to be used at less formal affairs, such as sports events, press conferences, recruiting functions, and pageants.

Colleges or departments wishing to purchase a banner should submit a request to Publication Services.

Banner production is contracted through an outside vendor with a delivery schedule of approximately six to eight weeks.

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