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Moulton Tower Stationary


The official University stationery includes coor­dinating letterhead, envelope, memoranda, routing slip, notepad, and business card, and is considered part of the University intra-campus stationery. The University logo is always printed on the envelope and business card; however, it may be omitted on the letterhead.

Letterhead and Envelope


One standard letterhead design is used University-wide. Publication Services processes all orders using the guidelines set forth in this booklet. The specifications for letterheads must contain the following information:

•  University of South Alabama
•  University Logo
•  Administrative or Academic Division Name
•  Individual Administrative or Academic Department Name
•  Phone Number or Fax Number or both
•  Address
•  Extended Zip Code
•  E-mail

Letterhead and Envelope

All divisions and depart­ments are encouraged to order letterhead with generic information for use by the entire division or department.

Letterhead used for recruiting and retention of students, faculty, and staff must contain the equal opportunity state­ment. Depart­ments should decide if the statement is required and inform Publication Ser­vices when placing an order.

One standard envelope design is used University-wide. The envelope is a size #10 (9 1/2'' x 4 1/8''), and is always printed with the University logo and departmental information. Publication Services will prepare your envelope order to meet postal guidelines and insure the most efficient, cost-effective mailing possible.

In the interest of economy, Publication Services has ordered, in bulk quantity, the standard stock used for University stationery. This stationery can be acquired only through Publication Services. The staff will set your copy to accepted standards and provide a final proof for your approval.

The standard letterhead must be printed in all black ink or in University red and blue ink. The envelope is available in three ink color formats: all black, all University blue, or University red and blue ink.

The envelope and letterhead should match. For example, if red and blue inks are used for the letterhead, red and blue ink should be used for the envelope.

The official typeface used for campus stationery, memoranda, and identity items is Palatino.

Format Considerations

The University letterhead is one of the primary means of establishing the University’s image at the personal level. In addition, much of the effectiveness of the University’s communication efforts depends on the typed format or style used to display the message. Two standard formats are recommended--the full-blocked and the semi-blocked.

The Monarch (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") size paper and matching envelope are available for short handwritten or typed notes to business associates. This is a miniature version of the University standard stationery using the same paper, typeface, and design specifications. However, the University seal, water­marked in the standard size letterhead, is omitted on the Monarch size.



The University has an official memorandum form (8 1/2" x 11") with an accompanying inter­office envelope. Other memoranda stationery will not be authorized or printed at University expense. The envelope is designed to be used repeatedly. When corresponding internally, memo­ran­dum stationery and reusable intra-campus envelopes should be used.

The official memo­randum is printed on white 20-pound offset with black ink.

Routing Slips and Notepads

Again, in the interest of economy and consistency, the routing slip and notepad have been designed to be used University-wide without individual or department names. The routing slip (5 1/2'' x 8 1/2'') and notepad (4 1/4'' x 5 1/2'') have been printed using University blue or black ink, are padded 50 sheets to the pad, and may be ordered in desired quantities and various paper colors through Publication Services.

Business Card

The business card provides prompt identification of both an individual and the University. The logo appears in the upper left corner. Other information appearing on the card should be limited to the following:

University of South Alabama
Name of Individual
Phone Number
Individual Title
Fax Number

The following University representatives are approved to use business cards:

Department Heads
Vice Presidents    

Permission for other individuals to obtain a business card must be granted by directors and department heads. All new business card information and printing requests must be confirmed and authorized by the department chair prior to submitting the request to Publication Services.

Business cards are printed in all black ink or black ink with University red and blue applied to the logo only. When the business card is printed with the colored logo, the standard University colors red 186 and blue 280 1/2 must be used. The business card paper coordinates with the letterhead and envelope.

Please note that the use of version “4” (see page 30) of the logo was necessary to accommodate the size of the card and other required information.
Business Card

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