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Moulton Tower Stationary

Identity Items

Uniform Patches

Uniform Patches

Patches worn on uniforms or coats can be designed through Publication Services. The patches are to be rectangular, with the official logo and words “University of South Alabama,” as well as the college or department name. Contact Publication Services to request a design before you order your patch.

Novelty Items

Novelty items, including clothing, bearing the University name or the name of a University college or department cannot use any symbol or combination of symbols that appear to be another logo. The official licensing company representing the University works through Publication Services to insure appropriate representation of the University. Questions regarding appropriate designs should be directed to Publication Services.

Novelty Items
University Vehicle Decals

Commemorative Plaques and Medallions

Any plaque or medallion requiring an emblem promoting a special event or achievement must be reviewed by Publication Services and the University Graphics Standards Committee. Design approval by the committee may be requested by calling 380-2828.

Name Tags and Desk Nameplates

Several options are available for those who wish to purchase name tags or desk nameplates. Publication Services can produce plastic or metal identification items.

Name Tags and Desk Nameplates

University Vehicle Decals

Vehicles displaying USA identification vary in size and structure. Not all will have decals positioned in the same location. Please contact Publication Services for correct identification artwork and positioning requirements.


Communication through the use of signs is important to virtually every organization for it is a system by which we direct and inform employees and the public.

Publication Services provides sign production services for the University and its hospitals and clinics. Illustrated below are general samples of signs available and necessary in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Beginning in 1992, the ADA requires all employers to comply with new regulations regarding the placement, display, and information on signs. A brief description of the ADA sign guidelines is listed below. More specific information is available at Publication Services.

In permanent rooms or spaces, when signs are used for identification, letters and numerals shall be:

Raised 1/32 inch.
Upper case.
Sans serif or simple type.
5/8 inch high or minimum to 2 inches high maximum.
Grade 2 Braille.

Although pictograms do not have to be raised, they shall be:

Contained within a 6 inch minimum vertical field.
Accompanied by equivalent verbiage placed immediately below the pictogram field.

Contrast of characters and background shall be:

Light characters on dark background.
Dark characters on light background.
Eggshell, matte or some other kind of non-glare finish for either the characters or the background.

The following procedures related to the institution’s compliance with ADA requirements have been established by the University Space and Facilities Committee.

All requests for production of room number and identification signs will be submitted through the director of maintenance at the requester’s campus location.
The maintenance directors are responsible for preparing specifications for the signs and for submitting requests for sign production to the Office of Publication Services.
Existing engraved plastic room number signs that can be modified by addition of Braille inserts and that meet the ADA size requirements will be used where possible. Publication Services is responsible for preparing the Braille inserts.
In all cases where existing signs must be replaced with signs meeting ADA requirements, the following color schemes will be used in combination:

Brown and beige.
Gray and dark blue.
Maroon and gray
The color combination of royal blue and white is reserved for handicap-accessible entrance signs and other special signs as specified in the ADA regulations and is not available for room number and identification signs.
The maintenance department at each University location is responsible for installation of room number and identification signs to insure compli­ance with ADA requirements.

Outside Signage

Signage at the University of South Alabama should be designed and appropriately placed for maximum visibility and accessibility, ease of identification, uniform appearance, and provide appropriate recognition of the facility’s namesake. The signs should be designed to complement the architectural and campus style. It is recommended that building signs be designed into the architectural elements of the building, such as present at the Mitchell Center and Laidlaw Performing Arts Center. This should be done on an individual project basis. Applied signage to building facades is discouraged.

For further information, contact the Office of the Architect, 460-7127.

University of South Alabama - 6500 UCOM - 307 University Boulevard - Mobile Alabama 36688-0002 - (251) 380-2828
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