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Printing Services
We are pleased to announce the latest addition of our first in-line four color press. The recently installed Heidelberg MO 4-color unit has a tremendous impact on our printing services. Whether simple or complex, your printing request will receive the high level of service, quality, convenience, and cost savings with our one, two, and now four color units.

The following outlines the printing capabilities that are available to you:


Two A.B. Dick units (one 9815, 1-color; one 9810, 2-color) and three Heidelberg units (1-color, 2-color, and 4-color with printing sizes up to 19” x 25 1/2”), as well as a 10”x15” windmill. The offset presses use metal plates that are filed and may be used for reprints.

The Heidelberg presses are used for high volume and the more complex jobs requiring larger sizes, long runs, halftones, 4-color process, large solids, and hairline registration.

           Minimum paper size: 8.5” x 11”
           Maximum paper size: 19” x 25.5”
           Maximum printing area: 18” x 25”

Ink: PANTONE Matching System (spot and process color combinations)
Quality: Excellent
Printing Services

Printing Services
A.B. Dick units are used for jobs not requiring hairline registration or long run lengths. Such jobs generally include 1- to 2-color forms, stationery, business cards, envelopes, simple brochures, and posters.

           Minimum paper size: 3” x 4”
           Maximum paper size: 13”x 18”
           Maximum printing area: 12.5” x 17”

Ink: PANTONE Matching System (spot and process color combinations)


No job is too big or too small for our copy services. Should you require one copy or 500 copies of your document, we can produce it in all black print or in full color.


While this system is not a press, it produces better quality from a good original than do other methods of duplicating and provides a first generation print when receiving production via e-mail or direct from your files. If you are concerned with speed and cost, this method is one to be considered. Most artwork, photography, and graphs can be reproduced using this process, however, you should consult our personnel upon submitting a copy order. This machine can also produce high-quality scanning to store valuable documents as Word or Adobe Acrobat files.


Publication Services is equipped with a top of the line Xerox 700 Digital Color Press. The color representation produced by this machine is excellent and on regular paper stock it will deliver up to 51 prints per minute. Various types of cover weight stocks, transparencies, and other media can be utilized as well. We have added an Oki CX 3641 Dynamic Envelope Printer that is capable of printing full color on envelope sizes up to 10x13.


Digital archiving simply means saving or archiving data in a digital format. Documents presently being printed or paper documents taking up space in boxes or on bookshelves, can be saved to a CD in Adobe Acrobat format. As well as freeing up much needed space, your files are less vulnerable to damage by fire, flood, or other disasters.

Advantages of digital documents are:

    • Safekeeping of valuable documents.
    • Easy access to files for printing and sharing.
    • Digital files take up less room. The original documents can be put in storage.

Printing Services
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