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Office of Research Compliance and Assurance


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Office of Research Compliance and Assurance
Dusty Layton, Director, MPA, BS, CIP, (251) 460-6625 – dlayton@southalabama.edu
Amy Delcambre, MS, Assistant Director, (251) 460-6509 – adelcambre@southalabama.edu
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
John Russell, MD , IRB Chair, – jrussell@health.southalabama.edu
SuzAnne Robbins, IRB Compliance Specialist, (251) 460-6308 – srobbins@southalabama.edu
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Office
Jennifer Chaplin, Research Compliance Coordinator, (251) 460-6863 – jchaplin@southalabama.edu
Export Controls
Amy Delcambre, (251) 460-6509 – adelcambre@southalabama.edu
Jennifer Chaplin, Committee Administrator, (251) 460-6509
Dusty Layton, Alternate Responsible Official, Select Agent Program, dlayton@southalabama.edu
Samuel J. Strada, Ph.D., Responsible Official, Select Agent Program, sstrada@usouthal.edu
Elliot Carter, MD, Biosafety Officer, (251) 471-7790, ecarter@health.southalabama.edu
Ivan McMurtry, MD, IBC Chairman, Biosafety, (251) 414-8038, ifmcmurtry@usouthal.edu
USA Committee on Standards in Conduct of Research
Dusty Layton, Committee Administrator, (251) 460-6625
Conflicts of Interest
Lynne Chronister, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, (251) 460-6333 – lchronister@southalabama.edu
Dusty Layton, (251) 460-6625 – dlayton@southalabama.edu

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