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Office of Research Compliance and Assurance


Human Subjects
IRB Policies and Procedures
USA Policies/Guidelines
-IRB SOPs (April 2011)
-IRB Guidelines (Updated 8/2008)
-Guidelines for Quality Improvement Research (February 2009)
-HIPAA Information
-Consent Form Elements (pdf file)
-Consent Process Document (Word doc)
-Informed Consent Certificate (Word doc)
-Guidance for Conflicts Disclosure in Informed Consent (Word doc)
-Requirements for Humanitarian Use Device (HUD) (pdf file)
-Regulatory Requirements: Human Gene Transfer (pdf file)
-Protocol Deviation/Violation Reporting Policy (Word doc)
-Guidance on Conducting Computer-Based Research (pdf file)
-Medical Research Subject's Bill of Rights (pdf file)
Ethical Principles of Human Subjects Research
-The Belmont Report
-The Nuremberg Code
-The Declaration of Helsinki

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