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Office of Research Compliance and Assurance


IACUC and the Occupational Health Program

All individuals who may be exposed to or have direct contact with live animals used at USA for research, demonstration, and/or teaching must enroll in the Occupational Health Program (OHP) or obtain an approved waiver. This is done at the institutions expense.

The OHP is also extended to include those employees which are included on biosafety protocols, involving viruses, fungi, parasites, toxins, or other potentially dangerous materials, approved by the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

This program has been implemented for the protection of the employee. Oversight of the program is provided by the Office of Research Compliance and Assurance (ORCA). For more detailed information can be found in the OHP Manual or contact ORCA via email (OHP@southalabama.edu) or phone (460-6863).

Forms and Directions

OHP Enrollment Cover Letter
OHP Enrollment Package

This pdf package includes 2 documents: a Health Surveillance Questionnaire and Physicians Statement. All blue fields are required to be completed on the questionairre. Once completed fax the documents to USA Urgent Care, Fax: 251-414-8227, and call USA Urgent Care (251-414-8101) to make an appointment to review the documents with a physician.

OHP Nonparticipation Release

This pdf form must be completed and approved by the Director of the Biological Resources Laboratory if an individual chooses to not participate in the Occupational Health Program.

Incident Report Form

If an incident occurs involving animal or biosafety related activities, it must be reported to the university via the form above.


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