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Export Control
Recommended steps for researchers
The following activities are encouraged and do not require approval from the Export Control Officer.
  • Do publish research in a timely manner (early and often)
    • Publish in journals, books, open web sites
    • Publish through presentations at "open" conferences
    • Share broadly within the scientific community
  • Do conduct fundamental research
    • Share information that arises during or results from your research
    • Do not accept contractual controls on your research (see below)
  • Do share educational information
    • Information released by instruction in catalog courses and associated teaching laboratories at a University
  • Do attend international conferences and meetings that are "open"
  • Do contact the Export Control Officer if you have any questions about how export control regulations may affect your research
USA Export Control Compliance
The following activities require approval from the Export Control Officer.
  • Do not accept publication restrictions in any form
  • Do not accept any of the following types of restrictions for your work
  • Do not sign Non Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, or Proprietary Information Exchange Agreements
  • Do not travel to or conduct research or educational activities in the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria
  • Do not accept information that is marked as proprietary, confidential or export-controlled
  • Do not engage in any activity that involves designing, developing, modifying or adapting any item, software or technology for military or intelligence applications
  • Do not ship any tangible items, materials, or equipment overseas, even at the request of a government sponsor
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