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Policies and Procedures

General Use:

  • All space in this facility will be under the supervision of the director.
  • Any individual on the premises of the Student Center may be required to provide identification at any time at the discretion of Student Center personnel or Campus Police.
  • Smoking is not allowed within of the Student Center and must be 20 feet from the entrances.
  • Do not alter facilities in anyway. Please no staples, tape, or paint on any part of facility, fixtures, furnishings, or equipment. Please do not remove any furnishings or equipment from rooms.
  • USA reserves the right to require that speakers, scheduled and unscheduled, sponsored or unsponsored, use the areas around the Student Center in order to avoid disruption of the normal function of the University and to assure the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Demonstrations, speeches, and debates will be held around the Student Center unless the Vice President for Student Affairs is able to coordinate another appropriate campus location no less than three working days to the event.

Reservation Use:

  • All requests for reservation of Student Center facilities and services must be confirmed by facility directors and are granted when a proposed activity meets the policies governing activities in the requested facility.
  • The requesting organization agrees to pay for services of personnel provided at the organization's request. Contractual services for catering, room setup, custodial, security or other services are the responsibility of the requesting organization. As a condition of use, the Student Center may require the services of additional maintenance personnel, security or campus police at the cost of the requesting organization.
  • Requesting organization will be fully responsible for payment of any damages that occur to the facilities or equipment caused by, or attributable to, that organization’s sponsored activity.  A deposit may be required.
  • Reservation requests for the weekend must be made one week prior to be considered.
  • Future requests for reservation of Student Center facilities may be denied and other sanctions may be incurred by the requesting organization if it: fails to pay for damage incurred in the facility during the terms of occupancy; fails to reimburse the Student Center for stipulated and required service; misrepresents information requested; or if its members or guests fail to observe the rules and regulations of the Student Center, the University, or the State of Alabama.
  • The requesting organization may not transfer, assign, or loan the authorized facility to another organization.
  • Aramark has exclusive catering rights to the University. Aramark may, at its sole discretion, provide written permission to an organization to bring their own food and/or beverages provided it is not catered by a third party. Organizations are responsible for cleaning any trash created by their food; failure to do so may result in additional cleaning charges.
  • In the event Aramark allows a sponsor to bring food and/or beverages not catered by Dining Services, the sponsor will be responsible for and will hold harmless and indemnify the University, its officers, trustees, servants and assigns, from any and all liability resulting from the serving of such food and/or beverage. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Student Center except under contract with Dining Services. If alcoholic beverages are contracted, additional requirements must be met. For more information contact Catering at (251) 460-7948.
  • Food and Drink are PROHIBITED in Room 222.
  • If using a Breezeway space, organizations must use only the designated space issued by SouthPaw Services and keep sidewalks free of obstructions.
  • If the requesting organization finds it will not be using the facility, an authorized representative must notify the reservationist at least 5 working days in advance for major events and at least 2 working days in advance for minor events. Failure to do so may result in full rental charges or denial of future requests.
  • All changes in setups must be made with the reservationist at least 2 working days in advance. Failure to do so may prohibit the necessary changes or result in extra charges.
  • Applicants may be required to furnish the University with specific provisions of insurance coverage for: general and personal liability, property insurance or bond, workers compensation, and indemnification of the University from all lien bills.
  • University and non-University agencies using the Student Center facilities are not restricted by, nor may they restrict participation on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, national origin, disability or political persuasion.
  • The requesting organization agrees to be aware of and abide by fire safety regulations and procedures, including the proper exit procedures, room capacity and room setup requirements, and in the event there is a failure to meet such requirements and procedures, the Student Center may take appropriate action, including turning individuals away from the event or canceling the event, even if it is progress.
  • The schedule of meetings, events or programs does not connote institutional endorsement or approval of the content of the activity. Based upon the information provided on the rental agreement, organizations may be required to consult with their advisor or other University staff/faculty prior to space approval. However, space will not be denied to an organization unless the content of the activity is: 1) in violation of federal, state or local laws; 2) contrary to institutional policy; 3) likely to provide substantial disruption to the educational mission of the University of South Alabama.
  • University Police must be used for security at any large, late-night event held in the Ballroom or the Multipurpose Room that may be attended by non-students. One officer, per 100 people will be required and the fee for their services will be $22.00 per hour, per officer. These charges should be paid in advance to the University Police Department. University Police will have at least 2 officers inside the building during the event and at least 2 officers in the parking lot. Loitering in the parking lot or other areas of the Student Center during or after an event is strictly prohibited. University Police reserve the right to call in additional officers should the need warrant, at the fee stated above. No other security arrangement will be satisfactory for the activity covered in this agreement.
  • For large late night events, wristbands will be the only method for participants to gain entrance to the event. The sponsoring organization will be given 300 (Ballroom capacity) wristbands of one color for primary entrance. Additional wristbands of a different color will be provided in cases where the event is expected to sell out. The additional wristbands may only be sold when the primary wristbands are returned by patrons leaving the event and do not plan to return. It is strongly encouraged that organizations cut off entrance to the event at least one hour prior to the end of the program.
  • USA reserves the right to terminate a reservation, even if the activity is in progress, if it determines that property or furnishings are being damaged as a result of the activity, or if it determines that the activity is endangering the health or safety of patrons, interfering with the processes of the University, or infringing on the rights of others; to terminate this agreement if the information given on this form changes substantially without the express approval of the Student Center; to move the location of the event for prudent reasons, including but not limited to safety, user priority, and appropriateness of space.

  • REQUESTING ORGANIZATION agrees to indemnify, save and hold harmless and defend the University of South Alabama, its trustees, officers, employees and agents, acting officially or otherwise, from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, debts and attorney fees, arising out of claims on account of or in any manner predicated on loss or damages to property of the University of South Alabama or injuries to or death of any individual, including but not limited to trustees, officers, employees or agents of the University of South Alabama, or others, which may occur within and on the property of the University, in connection with the aforesaid function.  I, on behalf of the requesting organization, further waive any and all rights to bring suit against, file cause of action against, or otherwise se the University of South Alabama, its trustees, officers, employees and agents, acting officially or otherwise, from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, debts and attorney fees arising out of, claims on account of, or in any manner predicated on loss or damage to the requesting organization, property of same, participants, within the limits of the University of South Alabama in connection with the aforesaid event.

By clicking below you agree to all terms/conditions of this contract. Failure to follow all policies/procedures will result in denial of future reservations and/or payment of incurred damages.


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