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The University Disciplinary Committee






The UDC is composed of:

  1. The Judicial Affairs Officer or designee. This person will supervise any hearings and insure that proper procedures are followed. However, he/she does not have a vote in determining if a violation has occurred nor in imposing disciplinary measures except in cases where the UDC is deadlocked.
  2. One faculty member (or staff member if the faculty member is unable to attend).
  3. Student members. No more then 15 students shall be appointed.The SGA Supreme Court Chief Justice and the Associate Justices shall automatically be asked to serve on the UDC; a willingness to serve and any required training are, however, prerequisites to serving. Other students wishing to serve of the UDC and who go through the required training may serve on the UDC.
In any given hearing, one faculty member, no fewer than two students and no more than seven students shall preside. Any member of the UDC who acknowledges or reasonably appears to have a conflicting interest as deemed by the Judicial Affairs Officer shall be removed from any given hearing.
The UDC represents the University community. They are interested in protecting the University, protecting individual members of the University, and protecting the rights of all the parties involved. You may call any UDC member if you have any questions or concerns; your call will be kept confidential. Most members of the UDC are willing to serve as an advisor for any of the parties involved in a hearing and one will be assigned if you so request.
    Jessica Bryant
Genevieve Dardeau
Nicole Flynn
Tara Krass
Will Lewis
Roy Ryder
Dante Schembari
Mike Varga
Tom Williams
Megan Womble

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