November, 1998 . The electronic newsletter of the University Library, University of South Alabama, published irregularly as a service to the University Community.

This is the first release of the University Library's newsletter Trying to Connect. . . . Its mission is to bring up-to-the-minute information about the University Library to the USA community. We think that it will help you know more about us and what we are doing for the University.

The format will be evolving as we figure out this new medium and its possibilities. We plan to archive the older articles as new stories are released, though the frequency of updates may be irregular as news is seldom scheduled.

Please send us your comments and suggestions about what you would like the newsletter to do.

Waiting for Reply. . .

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Contributors to the November stories are:

Debbie Cobb
Kathy Jones
Jim Norman
Kathy Wheeler

Jan Sauer, Editor


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To make comments or suggestions, or to get more information, call (334) 460-6045 or e-mail Jan Sauer.
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