September 10, 1999. The electronic newsletter of the University Library, University of South Alabama, published irregularly as a service to the University Community.

FirstSearch Expands

If you choose the "FirstSearch" button on our homepage (on campus or home), you will notice some changes. The "ERIC" database is no longer listed because it is now available under the EBSCO button at no cost to USA, thanks to the Alabama Virtual Library funding. Other changes were made based on cost per use.

Each month we receive statistics on the number of searches done in each of the FirstSearch databases. After analyzing the cost per search for each database, we made changes in our contract with FirstSearch. The goal was to provide, at no extra cost, access in subject areas not covered extensively by our current electronic databases. So we continued subscriptions only for the most-used databases and added databases covering art, music, and the sciences on a "per search" basis.

The "per search" option gives us the flexibility to offer more databases to researchers and to only pay when a search is actually done. Of course, we will continue to monitor the cost per use and can switch to subscription basis if that becomes more economically feasible. Remote access to these "per search" databases is available thanks to the efforts of Andy Lightbourne in Academic Computing.

From the researcher viewpoint, the searching procedure remains the same. However, we do suggest that you read the HELP screens and plan your searches carefully since the library pays "per search". Set all your limits and focus your search before you hit the "search" button. Call the reference desk (460-7025) if you have any questions.

Mary Engebretson

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