November 2, 1999. The electronic newsletter of the University Library, University of South Alabama, published irregularly as a service to the University Community.


As part of the Alabama Virtual library, the University has access to several databases published by EBSCO of Birmingham. These databases are available from our homepage under the red EBSCO button.

Tips and Tricks

It is difficult to do "subject" browsing in any of these databases. Keyword is the default. Advanced searches sometimes offer database specific choices. Always scroll down the advanced search page to see the other possibilities.

Search more than one database at a time by clicking several boxes. The databases being searched are indicated above the search box. Item records show which specific database yielded this record.

Titles with "&" (Ampersand) must use "&", not "and", to retrieve by title. e.g. Paint & Ink International, Car & Driver, Sound & Image. If in doubt try both!

Get journal publisher information by clicking on journal name in any retrieved record. Also gives dates of coverage in EBSCO.

Do a current contents search by typing in journal name in "magazine" area and no words in the keyword search area. This will retrieve latest items first.

Be careful when e-mailing. Just typing in the address is not enough. Be sure to click on the radio button in front of "via email."

Do not mark items on more than one page and expect them all to print. They won't, Marking only works on one page of citations at a time. Mark, print, go to next page of citations... mark, print, etc.

Some databases subdivide into people, products and books(reviews), companies, subjects and all of these together.

Remember you may search within the full-text (of those article which are full-text) for words or phrases by clicking the "search within full-text articles" box to the bottom right of the search page.

Company searching is available from header choices available in the Business Source Elite. Click Company Directory button at top(remember to check headquarters box or you will retrieve info on all branches). This is very basic info with the offer to pay for more. Ask at the Reference Desk and we will show you (for free) the reference books with more information.

"Options" button in the header lets you specify more items per page (which might help when marking a lot) and a shorter or longer record on retrieval page.

Ask at the Reference Desk for more help!. 460-7025

Good Searching,

Jan Sauer

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