June 20, 2000 . The electronic newsletter of the University Library, University of South Alabama, published irregularly as a service to the University Community.

"Now, when you need in-depth public company business and financial information, and want it instantly, you can turn to an exciting new resource from Moody's Financial Information Services (FIS).

Moody's Company Data Direct is an Internet-accessible subscription service that provides you with a fully searchable database of more than 10,000 NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq exchange companies, including real-time (and archived to 1993) EDGAR (SEC) finings. All of the information, including text descriptions, is updated weekly and effectively organized to facilitate intensive research.

Moody's company Data Direct gives you the flexibility to:

  • Access Moody's universe of more than 10,000 companies
  • Review weekly-updated company information
  • Research up to 10 years of detailed "as-reported" financial statements
  • Screen the database using several different financial variables or text fields
  • Download financials to spreadsheet
  • Customize viewing and output to retrieve precisely the information you need
  • Retrieve on-line help at the touch of a button
  • Navigate efficiently in a browser-based environment

Coverage includes:

SEC (EDGAR) Documents, History, Business, Property, Subsidiaries, Officers, Directors, Long Term Debt, Moody's Ratings, Capital Stock, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statements of Cash Flow, Exchange and Ticker Symbol, Address, Telephone Number, Annual Stock Price Ranges, Trustees, Registrar, Transfer Agent, Stock Splits, Dividend Payment History and more.


Search by financial variables such as total revenue, total assets, cash flow, profit margin, and more. Search by city, state, stock exchange of SIC number or use conceptual/proximity word search capability within history, business or property sections

Cut and paste textual data into word processing software of download financial information into spreadsheets for easy analysis."

Access FIS Online from the Electronic Indexes button on the University Library homepage.

To get started quickly click on the Quick User Guide on FIS Online Search Page

If you have questions, comments or problems email Mary Engebretson at the University Library


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