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PsycINFO, SPORT Discus and FirstSearch Databases Connect Directly to SOUTHcat

Have you ever done a search in a database such as PsycINFO or ArticleFirst, seen a message that the USA Library owns that item and been frustrated because you had to exit the database to obtain the call number or the holdings information? Well, no longer! The combination of the libraries' new web-based catalog and new capabilities in both the WebSpirs (PsycINFO and SPORT Discus) and FirstSearch software now allows you to connect to SOUTHcat from a database and then go back to the database.

From any WebSpirs database, look for the [Check for Holdings] button and click on it. This will open a new window to the Libraries' catalog so you'll know whether the library has the particular issue of a journal that you need. Since PsycINFO and SPORT Discus also index books, you can now immediately obtain the call number.

The FirstSearch interface is entirely new and it also allows you to connect directly to SOUTHcat in order to check the holdings of the USA Libraries.  If you see the "library owns" logo[Library Owns] after the citation information, go into the long record. You will see the message "FirstSearch indicates your institution owns this item;" look a few lines down in the record for a line that reads "Search the catalog at University of South Alabama Libraries." This will take you directly to the record in our catalog and you can then easily get the call number for a book or the holdings information for a journal. You can then return to FirstSearch and continue with your searching.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or problems with this brand new function.

Kathy Wheeler

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