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ERIC from EBSCO Now Provides some Full Text Links

Ebsco's version of ERIC, the major index of education information, now offers hotlinks to two sources of full text electronic information. Until now users of this index had to come to the library to find the text of any article(EJ) in our print journals or to use the microfiche collection to read ERIC documents(ED), indexed but unpublished items. ERIC documents(ED) include a wide variety of resources such as teaching guides, research reports, bibliographies, issue papers, instructional materials, and test and evaluation instruments

Now after performing a search in ERIC from Ebsco, you may see "Check linked full text sources." This will link you to full text articles(EJ) offered in other Ebsco indexes.

Or you may see, "Full Text from EDRS", a link which will take you to a new service called E*Subscribe from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service. This link may connect you to a PDF image of an ERIC document(ED). If you don't see the PDF icon near the top of the page then you will have to come and use our microfiche EDs on the Second Floor.

You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your computer in order to read and print these documents. (If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.) Please be advised that NOT all ERIC documents(ED) are available in the full-text format--about 92% of those from 1996 to the present are now available electronically.

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