On November 1st Doug Wilcox started as Assistant Director for University Libraries Systems here at University of South Alabama. Doug was the Systems Librarian for Library Services at Delta State University, in Cleveland, Mississippi for 2 and a half years before coming to Mobile. He is avid fan of the Voyager Library Automation System we have here at USA. He is also very happy to be living in Mobile near the water.

Doug has a BA and a MBA from University of Michigan, and got a MLIS from University of Rhode Island in 1998 in order to launch his second career as a librarian. He worked as a consultant for IBM, EDS, and others from 1991 to 1996, and before that had a number of positions in Transportation Systems at Ford Motor Company. He retired from Ford in June of this last year.

Doug is an avid sailor and recently purchased a Hunter 23.5 to sail the bay and local coasts. He has a race equipped 1989 Hobie Cat 16 if anyone is interested in purchasing a fast boat. He is very happy to be here, and is looking forward to working with all of you in the library/information technology community.


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