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Biological Abstracts under SilverPlatter

Amy Prendergast

USA now has online access to the most current issues of Biological Abstracts. The January to March, 2001 issues are now available and the database will be updated quarterly. To use Biological Abstracts, go to the University Library homepage, SOUTHcat Plus, choose SilverPlatter, then choose your location: on or off-campus. If off-campus, enter your social security number without spaces or hyphens. Biological Abstracts is at the top of the list of SilverPlatter databases. Select it by clicking in the box in front of it and then clicking on "Open Selected Databases."

Biological Abstracts on SilverPlatter includes citations and abstracts from leading life sciences journals worldwide, and links to available full-text articles in ScienceDirect, Springer-Verlag and EBSCO Online.

Please call 460-7025 or e-mail the Reference Desk at for help in using Biological Abstracts or SilverPlatter. The librarians will also be happy to host a class for your students on how to make the most efficient use of this elegant, but complex, database.

Here are a couple of the functions available in Biological Abstracts through SilverPlatter.


The Thesaurus is a great help to students who often need to discover the precise subject headings used by this database. Below is a graphic of segment of a Thesaurus entry for "fungi." (It's a graphic so the links won't work!)

Below is a graphic of the list of database fields and the short codes by which a researcher can tighten her focus as she becomes more adept at searching efficiently.


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